logoMWSilic Stable Service Co.,ltd . have appointed from MEAN WELL ENTERPRISES CO.,LTD. to  Authorized Distributor  in Thailand  for be tne distributor  products of  MEAN WELL  only one in Thailand officially.  

Silic Stable Service Co.,ltd . have appointed from RITAR to Authorized Distributor in Thailand.


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25-28 June. 2009 >>InterMold 2009 at BITEC Bangna (booth H09 Hall 102)
19-22 NOV. 2009 >>METALEX 2009 at BITEC Bangna
18-20 Feb. 2010>>Energy Saving 10 at BITEC Bangna
24-27 June. 2010 >>InterMold 2010 at BITEC Bangna (booth H09 Hall 102)
New!! 24-27 NOV 2010 >>Metalex 2010 at BITEC Bangna (booth C532 Hall 105)


     >> What is Power Quality?
>> Why system must have the quality control?
     >> Automatic Voltage Regulator/Stabilizer?
Silic Stable Service was established in 1992. Now we become one of the biggest companies and manufacturers of power supply in Thailand.

More than 17 years; Silic Stable Service Co.,Ltd. To run business in Power Supply System; example Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR), Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Direct Current Source (DC Source),Inverter, Switching Power Supply, DC/DC Converter, Step Down Transformer, Frequency Converter, AC Power Source, Variable Transformer, Surge Protection also Battery for industrial and Telecommunication Section with our experience and expert for power supply system.We are please to service our client to measure and analyzed power system by high technology instrument with expert engineer and technician without cost charging. Contact our service at:

E-mail : service@silic.co.th
TEL : +66 (0) 2-1569294-97
FAX :+66 (0) 2- 156-9001








Surge Protection
The new product that our special designed to protect high surge and inrush current both single phase and three phase that to protect electronic and electricity appliance from high inrush current........read more>>
AC Power Source
•HPA Series
AC voltage source can be Adjusted the output voltage from 0-600 V and output frequency from 40-499.9 Hz available in both single phase and three phase.....read more>>
Super smart AVR
PS•PS Series
Automatic Voltage Regulator. All system controlled by the microcontroller to guarantee the system work with high accuracy in operation and with the perfect protection system ensures that machine will be most secure....read more>>








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