Product Name : Adjustable Frequency,Variable Frequency,Frequency converter,เครื่องแปลงความถี่,เครื่องปรับความถี่,เครื่องปรับแรงดันไฟฟ้า,เครื่องปรับแรงดันไฟและความถี่
Model : HPA Series
Product type : Frequency Converter
Power Rating : 2kVA~150kVA
Download : Catalog HPA Series, User Manual HPA Series
Ideal applications :
1. Standard power source for EMI/EMC/Safety testing
2. QA/ QC/Life & Safety test
3. Electric machinery product test
4. Superior AC power source for R&D/Laboratory
5. Switch mode power supply test
6. AC fan test
7. Transformer test
8. Compressor test
9. Motor test
10. Air conditioner test
11. Copier/OA Equipment test
12. Computer/monitor/scanner & peripherals test
13. Triac/SCR test
14. (Home) electrical appliances
15. Electronic ballast test
Features :
1. 50Hz 60Hz or 400Hz input frequency
2. 0-300VAC output voltage (Selectable)
3. 40Hz to 499.9Hz output frequency range.
4. Programmable key lock setting output frequency.
5. Easy-to-read LEDs display output voltage,frequency,Ampere,Wattage & Power factor.
6. Stable true sine wave output.
7. Self Test at power on.
8. Galvanic isolation. No harmonic distortion.
9. PWM Technology minimizes the volume and weight.
10. IGBT technology increases the efficiency and reliability, eliminates the noise.
11. Capable of generating all kinds of frequencies used in all countries.
12. 300% overload capability.
13. Breaker/alarm for overload, over temperature and short circuit protection.
14. Suitable for use with RC,RL and non-linear loads.


Technical Specifications :

Phase Single Three
Model 2KVA-45KVA 3KVA-150KVA
Type IGBT/Pulse Width Modulation
VOLTAGE (Selectable) 1 phase 2 wire:110V(2 to 5KVA)/220V/230V/240V +/- 10%
3 phase 4 wire: wye type 190/110V 200/115V 220/128V 230/132V 240/139V +/- 10%
3 phase 4 wire: wye type 380/220V 400/230V 440/254V 460/265V 480/277V +/- 10%
3 phase 4 wire: Delta type 220;230;240;380;400;415;440V+/-10%
FREQUENCY (Selectable) 47Hz-63Hz or 400Hz +/-5%
VOLTAGE 110V Setting (Low Range): 0-150V (Optional: 0-600V)
220V Setting (Low Range): 0-300V
FREQUENCY 40Hz to 499.9Hz (Programmable)
FREQUENCY METER 4 LED Digitals, Res. 0.1Hz/Step
VOLTMETER 4 LED Digitals, Res. 0.1V
AMPEREMETER 4 LED Digitals, Res. 0.1A
WATTMETER 4 LED Digitals, Res. 0.1W
PROTECTION Breaker for Overload,Over Temperature and Short circuit
HUMIDITY 0-90% (Non-condensing)
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